FM WhatsApp vs WhatsApp GB, Which One Should You Pick?


What's the difference between FM Whatsapp and WhatsApp GB? Many people use WhatsApp as their primary social networking and messaging app to exchange photographs, videos, and other content with their connections. However, if you want to utilise WhatsApp with a few more features, programmes like FM WhatsApp vs WhatsApp GB might help. These applications come with a slew of extra features and customizations that the standard WhatsApp client lacks. Here's how FM WhatsApp compares to WhatsApp GB in terms of features:

1. Customization 

Both apps provide customization that the standard WhatsApp does not. When comparing FM WhatsApp to WhatsApp GB, FM WhatsApp allows you to change the colour of your WhatsApp conversations. It also features a theme option to modify the appearance of the entire programme and its settings. Hundreds of themes are available in the theme store for you to choose from.

When comparing FM WhatsApp to WhatsApp GB, WhatsApp GB has considerably more customization options than FM WhatsApp. You may alter the typefaces in the app, as well as the appearance of the double tick and conversation bubbles. The software goes above and above by allowing you to customise the appearance of your contact tabs. Another additional feature is the ability to alter the colour of the icon that appears in your app tray.

 2. Privacy

There aren't many features in FM WhatsApp versus WhatsApp GB in terms of being private and anonymous. You may conceal your last seen and read receipts just like in conventional WhatsApp. It also has a function that allows you to limit who may call you on WhatsApp. You may choose which contacts have permission to call you and so avoid unwanted calls.

But GB WhatsApp does provide some good privacy options that you might be looking for. Here they are:

  • Your read receipts can be hidden.
  • You can hide a grey double tick that indicates the message has been delivered.
  • Even if you haven't kept the app open, there is an option in the app that will say you've been online for 24 hours.
  • When you copy many messages from a chat in FM WhatsApp versus WhatsApp GB, your name and time will be copied as well, however in GB WhatsApp, you may hide that.
  • You may also make your last seen just visible to a select group of WhatsApp contacts.
  • You may also receive notifications when one of your contacts updates their profile image.

3. Multimedia 

Regular WhatsApp includes fantastic options for media sharing in FM WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp for your day-to-day operations. However, there are certain limits, such as the ability to share no more than 30 photos and a maximum of 16MB video files at a time. However, both FM and GB WhatsApp provide a lot more than these limitations. Using a third-party programme, you may exchange 60 photos and data files larger than 700MB in FM WhatsApp at once.

When comparing FM WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp, the GB WhatsApp provides the ability to transmit up to 90 photos and audio files up to 100MB in a single message. You may also get the status in GB WhatsApp without utilising any third-party apps with an one click. The video limit for GB Whatsapp has also been extended, and you may now share films up to 50MB in size. Unlike conventional WhatsApp, which only allows 30 seconds of status sharing, the modified software allows you to communicate status for up to 7 minutes.

4. Other Mod Features 

When comparing FM WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp, the FM WhatsApp Mods allows you to recover deleted messages and status media. You only need to enable the option in settings; you may then utilise it in conversations.

When you send a high-resolution photograph over standard WhatsApp, the software reduces it before sending it to the receiver. However, if you enable "Full Resolution Image Sharing" in the options of FM WhatsApp, you may share the image without compression.

When comparing extra features between FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp has a lot more. It has security settings, such as allowing you to use a PIN to safeguard your important discussions. When conversing in a group, you may also see the profile pictures of other users. When you turn it on, you'll see a picture of a person who belongs to the group.



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